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Empowering Women

Empowering Women

This course is designed for women from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, to do their best within their community, families and their chosen career pathways.

Through exploring different avenues, learners will have a focused pathway to further study, volunteer or seek employment.

  • Course Description

    The program explores ways to support women’s growth, development and involvement within the community.

    Learners will begin the course by analysing their skills and strengths, in order to set personal and professional goals.

    During the course, learners will gain employability skills and be provided with an overview of Australian workplace culture, the benefits of a diverse workplace, and the importance of Work, Health and Safety.

    Volunteering as a pathway to employment and community enrichment will be discussed, including guest speakers.

    The course also has a strong focus on personal development including financial independence and leadership skills. Tools will be provided for learners to manage their commitments and gain skills in maintaining a well-balanced life and enhancing their career options.

  • Entry Requirements

    The course has no entry requirements.

  • Units of Study

    This course is non-accredited and does not contain units of study.

  • Pathway

    This course is designed as a pathway to further vocational education, exploring volunteering opportunities and potential career pathways.

  • Study Mode

    This course is delivered face-to-face in a classroom setting.

  • Course Duration

    The course runs one day per week for eight weeks.

  • Other Information

    Tea and coffee are provided. You are responsible for bringing your own lunch and snacks to class. For further information please contact Frank Unger on: 03 9288 9925 or 0437 052 709.


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